Elected member of the Northern Peace Board

I was elected the youngest board member to date, on the Northern Peace board in 2013 and am still an active member today. Peace work has always been incredibly important to me, I remember learning about world war 1 in primary school and just questioning but why? Why was war the result and what can we do as members of our society to prevent that in every possible way. Northern Friends Peace Board works in many ways to raise awareness, publish materials, actively speak out on peace concerns and encourage peace action and witness.

Our work currently focuses on:

  • Promoting a culture of Peace.

  • Challenging militarism.

  • Roots of conflict and roots of peace.

  • Promoting awareness and action on current peace concerns.

Examples of particular issues we are addressing during 2016-17 include:

  • work on sustainable security, or ‘security for the common good’.

  • the militarism of society and Trident nuclear weapons.

  • encouraging peace building and peace action, speaking out and dialogue in local communities.

  • supporting young people and others in exploring peace and diversity.


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